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Moritz Preisler (*1991 in Bonn) is a pianist and composer based in Cologne.
He studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne with Sebastian Sternal, Hubert Nuss, Claudius Valk, Niels Klein, Paulo Álvares, Frank Gratkowski and Jürgen Friedrich and graduated in 2021 with a Master of Music.
As a composer, he moves in a field between contemporary music and various modern, experimental music currents. He works intensively with aleatoric music and mainly writes music for piano and chamber music in smaller ensembles.
Current works include his piano cycle Chiasma and his two piano trio cycles Raureif and Verve.
In 2021, he composed the work Konturen for violin and electric guitar, a contemporary homage to Astor Piazzolla to mark his 100th anniversary. The following year, the piece was premiered as part of the multidisciplinary project Stories For Astor (music, dance and light art by Jacqueline Hen) by violinist Ségolène de Beaufond and the duo Ségotal with Tal Botvinik on guitar.
Moritz Preisler leads several ensembles in which he is both composer and performer:
The Moritz Preisler Trio with David Helm on double bass and Jan Philipp on drums was founded in 2017 and released a recording of the trio cycle "Raureif" on the Cologne label KLAENG Records in 2022.
Other such ensembles include a trio with double bassist Jan Blikslager and drummer Mathieu Clement as well as the collective composer-performer trio De Beaufond / Preisler / Wittbrodt with Ségolène de Beaufond, violin and Emily Wittbrodt, cello.
As a pianist, he is a member of a wide range of ensembles and bands as a performer and improviser. The spectrum ranges from duo to orchestra, stylistically in a variety of directions from art music to popular music and from purely musical to interdisciplinary projects.
Some examples in this area include the quintet of Colombian musician Daniel Tamayo, the Brazilian music collective Banda Nova and the French Orchestre National de Jazz des Jeunes (2019 to 2021 under the direction of Franck Tortiller), but also his work as a classical pianist at the Bonn Opera, as a dance accompanist, in silent film improvisation, setting visual art to music at the Max Ernst Museum in Brühl and as a pianist in improvisational theater at the Haus der Springmaus in Bonn. Concerts have already taken him to various European countries (Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands) and to Colombia.
He is also a piano teacher at the municipal music schools in Bonn and Düsseldorf.

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+49 (0) 17678836727

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Photos:   Peter Tümmers

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